LOL — The Science Behind Laughter

You want to hear a joke? I’m going to assume you said yes. What do you call a smug burglar walking downstairs? A condescending con descending. So why did you laugh? Or, more likely, not laugh? Laughter is a complex action that people are born doing. To put it dryly, it is the physical and […]



Genes: The Legos of Evolution part 2

We stopped in the last article at the replicator, a molecule which somehow could create copies of itself. However, to understand how such a molecule could arise in the first place, how the first form of “life” appeared, we must imagine the conditions a really long time ago, some order of four billion years. Before […]

Zombie Ants!

For most high school students, becoming a zombie is due to the accumulation of the lack of sleep, piles of work, and crappy drama. Once this load is too much to handle, they explode and their heads blow off. On the videogame The Last of Us, a parasite, rather than homework, attack humans and turn […]


Twenty years in the future, an asteroid hurtles towards the earth. Measured in kilometers across, this is not merely a speck of dust that would burn up upon entering the atmosphere, this is the bringer of mass extinction. Clearly, this is a hypothetical situation (I hope) but if humanity was to be faced with this […]

Allergies: Blunders of the Immune System

Isn’t it weird that sometimes when someone is trying to help you, they end up making the situation worse? As a child, you probably tried helping your mom cook and ended up dropping glass dishes all over the floor, only increasing her workload. Allergies are the biological analog of this counterproductive occurrence. The immune system […]


Taking the ‘Fiction’ Out of Science Fiction: The Deep Freeze

A dimwitted New York pizza deliveryman falls into a cryonic tank and freezes, only to wake up a thousand years in the future.  The crew of an intergalactic voyager is put into suspended animation, set only to wake when they arrive at their destination, light years away.  It seems that in the realm of fiction, […]

The Hummingbird: STILL Humming

Many of you have probably seen this beautiful creature drinking nectar from flowers and pollinating the earth’s flora. But did you know that the hummingbird has been doing this for more than 22 million years? That’s right! The hummingbird has been around long before our own human ancestors and is still continuing to evolve today. […]

A New Meaning to the Word Hybrid

What do all four of these cars have in common? Well, given that two of them cost more than $750,000 (Can you guess which?), similarities may seem few and far between. Yet, the one thing these cars share is that they are all hybrids. Hybrids? Like a Prius, right? The phrase “hybrid vehicle” typically evokes […]

A Long Minute Ago, in a Cell Not Too Far Away: DNA Replication

Let’s name the zones, the zones, the zones. Let’s name the zones of the human body!!! Have you ever wondered how DNA actually replicates? In theory you might think, “It just does…” Well there is a bit more to it than just a “duh” response. DNA Replication occurs through a series of steps that splits the chromatin to the chromosomes to the DNA, all […]


A lithium-ion battery

A Shockingly Big Deal

I want to start by personally apologizing for the title. It wasn’t fair to you, the integrity of this site, or my own personal standards. The internet is awesome right! I mean, where would you be without the internet right now? Well… probably making actual connections with fellow human beings rather than sitting at a […]