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What is the stomach microbiome?

e coli 300x218 What is the stomach microbiome?

Bacteria are looked down upon. They’re the source of infections, and even death. We wash our hands diligently and sanitize ourselves continuously with our Purell alcohol. However, did you know that there are more bacterial cells in your body than human cells? In fact, we’re only about 10% human. These trillions of bacteria have recently been found to play an integral part in our day to day functioning, from synthesizing our necessary vitamins to digesting our food. They have been named the microbiome, and inhabit places from our skin to our stomach.

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The Top 7 Power-Food Pairings

We all know that whole grains, pieces of fruit, and veggie sides are good for you.  However, instead of focusing on the individual players in the healthy eating puzzle, scientists are now looking at how different foods function in conjunction with one another. Elaine Magee, RD, author of Food Synergy says that “We now know of a bunch of foods that when eaten as part of the same meal can produce amazing results.” Adding these groupings to your diet can help fight many diseases, bolster your immune system, aid in weight loss, and suppress crabby moods.

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No Doughnuts Like Snow Doughnuts

snow donut No Doughnuts Like Snow DoughnutsEvery kid recalls rolling snowballs, and depending on what kind of child you were, either stacking them into a handsome snowman or flinging them at unsuspecting onlookers. Fantastically enough, nature also has its own way of rolling snowballs that can turn into snow doughnuts — a rare delectable treat from the kitchens of Mother Nature herself.

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Dance to the Beat of My Tattoo!

How often do you listen to music? Pretty often I’m sure! Now, imagine that you have a super rad tattoo that not only looks cool, but plays music too! I bet you’re wondering how such a thing is even possible. Well, a man called Dmitry Mozorov figured it out! Mozerov is an audiovisual artist and created a way to literally jam out to the beat of his tattoo.

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Black Hole Astronaut

Escaping the Black Hole

For the sake of a hypothetical on a geeky science website, suppose you are entering a black hole with one end of a rope tied around you while your friend holds the other end of the rope. Assume the rope is long enough and strong enough that wouldn’t be torn apart by the black hole, can your friend pull you back from the black hole?

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Scan a Finger, Save a Life

Too often

fingerprint 328992 640 150x150 Scan a Finger, Save a Life

we employ willful ignorance, deliberately remaining blind to the issues around us. In the case of many vaccinatable deadly childhood diseases, this is simply unacceptable. 30 million children worldwide are not vaccinated and 2.5 million of them die each year. Access to immunizations is a clear issue, but many forget about the difficulties that come with tracking these periodically-administered preventives. Researchers from Michigan State University have been working hard to develop a fingerprint identification system for infants and toddlers to record booster shots. Continue reading


The Anti-Placebo Effect

1280px Pristiq pills The Anti Placebo EffectWell, it’s not actually called that. It’s called the nocebo effect. It is the reverse outcome of the placebo effect and it is real! When a patient believes a treatment is in any way phony or fraudulent, then the treatment can induce negative effects in the patient. Taking pills that are meant to help you raise your blood sugar levels can cause vomiting. Drinking that rancid cherry cough syrup can create headaches. But this only happens if you believe it will.


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Can Maggots Save Your Life?

If you have scoleciphobia (an intense fear of worms), then you may want to stop reading this article. Maggots are often perceived as some of the most disgusting, gross, icky bugs on the face of the planet, and chances are that you aren’t particularly fond of them either. But is it really true that these wriggly fly-larvae could one day save your life (or at least one of your limbs)? Fortunately (or unfortunately, if you suffer from scoleciphobia), yes!

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One Step Closer to An Invisibility Cloak

Within the complex field of optics, a new method of cloaking has emerged, requiring only common optical lenses and math skills. Scientists at the University of Rochester have excited the science community and Harry Potter fans by designing a way to conceal 3D objects from multiple views.

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Weakness in Numbers

We've all heard the old adage that there’s strength in numbers. Whether you’re moving into a new apartment or doing a school project, it’s always preferable to have friends around to help. And the more the merrier, right? But there has been evidence of a situation in which more people actually results in less productivity.

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