Earworms, or Why You Just Can’t ‘Let It Go’

Let it go, let it gooooo – No, stop, STOP.  You shake your head, as if hoping to shake all memory of ever hearing that song out of your skull.  It’s been two weeks, and yet, you still catch yourself humming the tune under your breath at the worst possible times.  The last time, you […]



Quantum Dot Displays: The TVs of the Future

Quantum Dot Displays: The TVs of the Future             TVs and computer monitors are awesome, and they are continuously improving. In my lifetime alone, the dominant resolution has shifted from the 720×480 (480p) maximum resolution of DVDs to the 1920×1080 (1080p) maximum resolution of Blu-ray discs. And that’s just for movies on discs. If you […]

2048 Addiction and What it Tells us About the Depths of Our Brains

We’ve all been there: it’s one hour before your bedtime and you’ve already showered, done all your homework (well, maybe), but you aren’t tired. So, you decide to whip out your computer or your phone and play a quick round of 2048, Flappy Bird (I know, that’s so January), Tiny Wings, Pokemon, World of Warcraft, […]



Wifi For All!

Balloons provide global Wi-Fi? It sounds crazy, but that’s just how Google rolls. Google announced Project Loon back in June, 2013. The goal of Project Loon is to provide internet access for remote areas around the world through high altitude balloons. This outlandish plan makes a lot people doubt, but their following test results show […]

Conceivable? The Possibilities of Parthenogenesis

Humans have been classified as sexually reproductive mammals.  In other words, two cells from two individuals must combine for reproduction.  A male haploid sperm cell and a female haploid egg cell are required to combine to create the diploid gamete that will develop into a zygote, embryo, and eventually an adorable small child.   However, new […]



Grey Goo: Death by Nanotech

What if microscopic robots could destroy the Earth and kill us all? The idea is not far-fetched or science fiction. Grey goo is an idea created in 1986 by Eric Dexler, a nanotech specialist. Dexler explained that if nanomachines were given an ability to replicate, then in a worst-case scenario the nanomachines could replicate exponentially. […]

The Disease Discussion

You’ve probably played the computer game Pandemic or the smartphone game Plague before. If not, the objective of both games is to create a disease that will overtake the world. You have a variety of tools at your disposal; you choose they type of disease you are, and the various traits you have. As you […]



Diseases of the Mind: Schizophrenia

We overuse a lot of words everyday that we probably shouldn’t. Words like “starving”, “dying”, “love”, etc. However, there is one specific word that we often use as a joke (usually incorrectly) and it really isn’t a joke at all. It is one of the most serious psychological disorders and affects at least 1% of […]

From: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2f/Light-box-therapy.jpg

Spring got you feeling up? You may actually be S.A.D

Do the springtime liveliness and floral bloom make you all cheery and bring out this insatiable desire to spread joy everywhere? Petunias, Marigolds, and Dogwoods! Oh my! They sure have got me smiling uncontrollably and giving out compliments like I’m Oprah Winfrey. On the other hand, does the spring season change give you some inexplicable […]