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When you have a big event, it is important to plan ahead and ensure there are adequate bathrooms for everyone to use. If you’re planning an outdoor event, you’ll need to hire portable restrooms.

What is the most important step in waste management?

Porta potties are used for events, construction sites and other locations. These toilets come with various features and are usually rented in bulk.

The cost of porta potty rental is dependent on many factors. Location, event duration, and type of event all impact the price. A standard porta potty can be rented for as low as 75 USD. However, the price will rise if you need to rent above-and-beyond services.

Standard porta potties are easy to use and affordable. They include basic amenities such as a wall-mounted urinal, a toilet seat and a vent. Some of the more deluxe versions include a flushing toilet, a sink, a sanitizer dispenser and even air conditioning.

Luxury portable toilets are available for rent. They have additional features, such as air conditioning, hand sanitizer dispensers and mirrors. They also offer twice-weekly maintenance.

If you’re interested in renting a porta potty, find a company that can customize a quote for your event. This will help you understand the price of each service, and can eliminate surprises when you get the bill.

You may want to consider a damage waiver. Similar to car rental insurance, this covers costs associated with repairs or replacements. Many porta potty rental companies offer this option.

Besides being clean, a porta potty shows people the value of convenience. Porta potties are also environmentally friendly. Companies that rent porta potties are more likely to reuse materials, instead of dumping them into landfills.


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