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bariatric vitamins

The Bariatric Diet & Supplements You Need

Post-bariatric surgery, it is important to take the right vitamins to ensure proper nutrition. Your doctor and a dietitian will work with you to develop a plan that meets your unique nutritional needs.

You can get some of the vitamins after bariatric surgery  and minerals you need through your diet but it is important to supplement with vitamin supplements if needed. These supplements can be purchased without a prescription and are available in chewable and liquid form.

A bariatric multivitamin is a great way to get most of the vitamins and nutrients you need for healthy living. These supplements are easy to take, and they provide a balance of the essential vitamins and minerals.

Calcium Chews

During your bariatric journey, it is important to consume adequate amounts of the mineral calcium. This is critical for bone, muscle and nerve function. A calcium supplement can be in the form of a chewable or a tablet.

Iron + Vitamin C

Bariatric Vitamins: A Complete Guide to Ingredients and Dosages

If you’re lacking the right amount of iron, your body may not be able to produce enough red blood cells to support your energy levels and overall health. This can lead to anemia.

B12 (Methylcobalamin)

Most gastric bypass patients have a deficiency of vitamin B12 due to the way they digest food. A daily dose of 400-1000mcg can help prevent these deficiencies.

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