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ipaf courses

IPAF courses teach individuals the skills necessary to operate powered access equipment. These courses also prepare individuals to apply for a Powered Access Licence, otherwise known as a PAL card. Using a PAL card is a vital part of working at height, as it can help prevent accidents. Whether you are new to powered access or you’re a seasoned professional looking to expand your skill set, IPAF courses are an excellent choice.

Learn How To Develop Emergency Procedures

An IPAF course is designed to equip workers with the skills and knowledge necessary to identify and eliminate hazards while operating equipment. During training, employees will learn how to develop emergency procedures, including plans to retrieve trapped operators. These plans will be useful in the event of an accident or emergency situation involving heavy machinery. Moreover, an IPAF course will prepare employees to address language barriers on the job. This is especially important in remote locations where a language barrier is an issue.

IPAF courses combine classroom and practical learning. They cover the theory behind working at height and how to use the right equipment. Those who wish to become licensed operators and managers must complete an IPAF course. The courses are accredited by TUV and follow industry standards. However, these aren’t the only courses available. Those with limited budgets can still complete IPAF courses at their own pace. In addition, you can study the course online.

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