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If you’re interested in becoming a yoga teacher, a yoga certification in Bali may be the right choice for you. The beautiful island offers everything from stunning beaches, to luxury accommodation and spectacular surf spots. And while a yoga course in Bali will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and experience, it will also help you connect with your own spirituality.

How much do yoga teachers make in Bali?

Regardless of your goals, a yoga certification in bali will help you apply the principles of the practice to your life. A 200-hour course will provide you with a solid foundation in technique and philosophy. The course is held at a retreat center on the island. Whether you want to teach a beginner’s class, or you want to become a master teacher, there’s a yoga certification in Bali for you.

During a yoga teacher training in Bali, you’ll learn from reputable international and local instructors and experience the philosophy of yoga in a beautiful setting. Yoga shalas in Bali are often built from bamboo and offer breathtaking views. You’ll also have the opportunity to practice other styles of yoga during your training.

The 25-day course offers hands-on experience from a highly qualified staff. You’ll learn both vinyasa and yin yoga. Both styles share similar benefits, and the instructors are experts in their respective fields. This way, you’ll learn from real teachers, who can help you develop your teaching style. And because you’ll be teaching in Bali, you’ll also have the chance to explore the island.

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